Cleaning Services

Improve Your Home and Office Appearance With Our Cleaning Services

Imagine the extra time you could have and what you could do if you left the housekeeping to our housework experts. Alfa & Omega Cleaning Services served in several Cities in Oregon, with residential and commercial cleaning to help you save time and maintain a spotless and tidy home.

Our Services

We use environmentally friendly cleaning materials for the health and safety of your family. We offer:
Weekly, Biweekly, and Monthly Appointments
Same-Day Services
Emergency Cleaning Services
Commercial Cleaning Services

Our Staff

Each member of our cleaning staff is trained to meet our rigid standards. For us, it's incredibly important that we exceed your highest expectations. Our work ethic sets us apart from other cleaning companies and is the reason so many people ask us back.

High Standards of Work

We have very high standards when it comes to our work, employees, and our customer relationships. Rest assured knowing that everyone on our team values trust, quality, and affordability.

Cleaning Guarantee

Alfa & Omega Cleaning Services will always leave your home or office sparkling clean. You can trust our professional cleaners to be respectful of your privacy and your property. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Cleaning Rates

The best services are not always the most costly. With Alfa & Omega Cleaning Services, you can expect to get exceptional services at rates that are far less than what you might pay elsewhere. While our services may be attractive, our rates are even more so.